Monday, March 31, 2003

So, what was I up to this weekend? What wasn’t I up to this weekend!

Friday night started out late with broom hockey with the jr. and senior high youth groups. For those who don’t know, it’s just like hockey. You are on ice and you’re trying to get the, in this case ball, into the goal. However, you play with brooms instead of sticks and shoes instead of ice skates. Can cause of pretty spectacular slips and falls. I usually don’t fall at all, but managed to fall 4 times that night. The first was the best and my feet slipped out from under me and I landed almost flat on my face with my broom sliding half way across the rink. The others weren’t quite as bad, but I did wind up with bruises and sore muscles from the swinging the broom around.

On a more serious note, one of the kids got half his front tooth chipped off by the ball flying in the air and hitting it. That’s the first time I’ve ever seen anything like that happen before.

That got done after midnight, and the next morning I was up early to play ultimate Frisbee intramural style. Our team, the Rogue Rascals (I know you couldn’t wait to see what the outcome was) lost our first two but won the last game. So our record is 1-4. But since the first game was at 8, that felt super early.

Didn’t make it to the beach this weekend. The wind was still blowing strong, and Ben and I didn’t feel like fighting it to go. Of course I found out Sunday that the wind died as soon as you left town. O well, next time. So I took at two hour dozing nap and hit Borders. I only spent $32 on books (after discount). Hope you’re proud of me!

Sunday Marcus announced that he’d bought a computer and wanted to set it up downstairs. That led to a bunch of furniture rearranging. The upshot? My electronics are now in the entertainment cart I brought back from Grpop’s in May of last year and I have my home computer hooked up for the first time since I moved into Villa La Paz a year and a half ago. Why rush into things? Now I need to start investigating dial up internet access. I know it’ll be slow and drive me crazy, but I can’t afford anything else.

Sunday night, I went over to Ben’s for a BBQ. Not the best time in the world, but I got to hang out with some people instead of my apartment by myself. Of course, I could have gone to church….

Meanwhile, I got to watch a great episode of Alias and read a ton of my book. All in all, it was a busy but good weekend.

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