Tuesday, April 01, 2003

I have reached a decision about my life. I’m going to quit my job, grow hair half way down my back, and join a nudist colony.

APRIL FOOL! What, I didn’t trick any of you? Probably was about as effective, however, as if I’d “confessed” to being a middle aged woman from Indiana. :)

My computer at home seems to have died. At least temporarily. I tried turning it on last night and it couldn’t finish loading windows. After several tries, I gave up. Majorly bummed. Ironic since I’ve been without it for 18 months and it didn’t bother me at all but after one day I can’t stand it.

But it lead me to turn on the TV and discover that Nick at Nite has picked up Wings. Just missed the pilot, which I don’t know if I’ve ever seen. I used to watch that show quite a bit and look forward to catching a few every now and then. Sure wish that station would stop with the hour blocks of shows, however. They could show more programs if they aired them like they used to. Seems like most of the shows I really want to see aren’t on until late these days. And late keeps getting earlier every year.

Met Dave for lunch today. We talked about what’s going on in my life. Was good and convicting.

Otherwise, not much else to report. We’re exactly three fourths of the way through this season’s 24, so be sure to tune in tonight and see what happens next. Although I’ve learned today that I’m not nearly as good a sales person as I thought I was. :)

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