Thursday, March 20, 2003

I'll be back with a life update later, but for now it's time for today's Thursday Threesome, brought to you by Arrowhead and the fine folks at The Back Porch.

Onesome - Mountain: Hey, summer's on the way! If you can get away, is it to the mountains or to the beaches? ...and even if you cannot: if you could, which would you go for?
Seems like I usually head to the beach. It’s only an hour at most away and that’s where the majority of my friends go. Heck, that’s where I went yesterday. But I love the mountains as well and would love to get a trip or two in to them. Heck, I’m willing to go just about anywhere.

Twosome - Spring: Enough is enough! Are you ready for Spring yet? ...or are you one of the lucky ones who are already smelling the roses?
Aside from our cold snap early this week, I’d say that spring is in the air. And with tomorrow being the official first day, I say bring it on!

Threesome - Water: Domestic or bottled? Are you one of those who just cannot drink tap water and absolutely has to have bottled? ...or does any source that has some chlorine in it to okay with you?
Growing up in Santa Rosa, I drank tap water without thinking about it at all. The water tasted just fine to me. Here in Santa Clarita, the water is horrid. I drink bottled water here at work, and have a filter at home. How I miss Santa Rosa water. Of course, the small bottles you buy in stores always taste plasticy to me.

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