Wednesday, March 05, 2003

I’ve been warned.

Our HR director came by my office for a couple reasons today. One of which was to tell me to cut back on my internet usage during work hours. He actually saw a report. Every day when I log in, they mention that all internet usage is logged and monitored. It’s been that way ever since I started working here. But I’ve let myself go more and more places and let my work time spent grow and grow. Then I wonder why I seldom get anything done at work. Really, it should be very easy for me to cut back and start getting more work done. And since that’s what I’m paid for, that’s a good thing, right?

Of course, I took the warning to heart. I’ve spent very little time on the internet today. In stead, I played solitary. Any wonder why I always sounded stressed out about how much I have to do? I fully apply the ostrich solution to all problems, but very few go away if you burry your head in the sand.

In other news, I’ve got the cold that will not die. Just when I think I’ve got it under control, it comes back. I’m so sick of being sick! Why won’t it just go away??!!

I’m really loving Chris Rice’s new CD. Listened to it all morning. I’ve been giving some of my other purchases equal time this afternoon. Why have I not given Jars of Clay a chance before this? I really love their best of. I may have to try some of their other stuff. Looks like my Benny Hester and Randy Stonehill CD’s will just be for one song, but at $6.99 each, that’s not that bad.

And, as long as everyone else is doing it, I’ll grip that we aren’t going to get another new hour of 24 for 3 weeks! How can they, especially after the wonderful hour we just had. Man, I love that show.

Tonight, “The Convention” is coming over for a 3 episode Babylon 5 marathon. Got to make up for the fact that next week is Spring Break for them, right? And how did we get half way through the semester already, anyway?

(Written in word so my actual internet time was kept to a minimum.)

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