Monday, March 10, 2003

I honestly thought I’d get here over the weekend. But that was before I started having fun.

Even thought spring break started here at Master’s, a group decided to see how many they could get together for ultimate. Since I’d love to play that on my birthday, I actually got out of bed and got to the field at 8:20. Very early for me on Saturdays. We played for about two hours. Meanwhile, the weather’s decided to be very pleasant. It’s been in the 70’s all weekend. Perfect ultimate weather. Then Pete, D Rob, Tommy, and I went out to brunch at IHOP. We got a kick out of the waitress calling all of us “Hon.” I swear, she used it at least 6 times every time she came to the table. Only downside? I didn’t have real maple syrup, so I had to use their imitation stuff.

When we had just finished playing, Pete had invited Tommy and me over to go swimming. Naturally, after eating, we weren’t nearly as hot as we’d been then. But we still decided to go over. The pool was freezing, but Tommy and I did jump in, he several times, me just once. We did spend some time in the hot tub. And we threw a Frisbee around the pool. Only downside? I got a very nice tan, which will look funny when I shave my head tomorrow night.

I spent longer then I’d planned at Pete’s so I raced home, showered, and left for Linda’s. Even though I got there at 3:10, I was the first to arrive for the private signing. Only downside? Joann was rushed, so I really didn’t get a chance to talk to her. But I’ve started reading Lemon Meringue Pie Murder anyway.

Then I met Josh, Bonnie, and Pete in downtown Pasadena at Josh’s office. Bonnie and I were bored (the downside again) while Josh did something he had to do. But then we all went out to dinner at a spaghetti place that J & B love in Glendora. Downside of that? I ate way too much and could hardly move. And I was driving! Personally, the food was good, but spaghetti is spaghetti to me. I wasn’t nearly as impressed as Bonnie wanted me to be.

As you can tell, Saturday was a fun, full day. What a birthday.

Sunday was much more relaxing. Church in the morning and evening with a SNYF at night. Finished the book I was reading in the afternoon and got all caught up on the TV I’d recorded the end of the week. Connected with Grandma at my uncle and aunt’s to wish her a happy birthday. That was partially sad, however. We had the same conversation twice. It’s so hard to watch her go downhill like that.

Meanwhile, I got an ear full when I called home. They were having a hard time with my uncle and aunt over stuff, so I got to hear all the complaints. Mom is fed up, and frankly, I don’t blame her. Things are getting just as bad as I feared they would. When this is all over, I doubt we’ll ever have contact with them again, which is the saddest thing of all. But the upside of this? They were so preoccupied, they didn’t quiz me further about my plans tomorrow.

Speaking of which, one more thing to leave you with before I go. For anyone interested, John MacArthur, the president of the college I work for, will be a guest on Larry King Live tomorrow night. The subject will be the Christian’s response to war. Since I’ll be well on my way to Arcadia and my date with a razor, I’ll be taping it. But I should be good. And it helps to have friends in high places. My college roommate’s sister is married to a producer of Larry’s show. Guess who first suggested Dr. MacArthur as a guest for religious related topics?

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