Saturday, May 31, 2003

Yes, I saw it last night. Changed my mind about plans to see it multiple times between work and arriving at the theater. But it was all for not, because when I arrived at 6:15, Finding Nemo was sold out until 9:30. So, I saw it at 9:30.

It's great! There were a few scenes that might frighten small children. I think this is probably the darkest of the Pixar movies. But it's still very funny, and often combines the tense scenes with humor. Dory, the blue fish, is by far my favorite character. She's a laugh riot. The set up and story telling feels like Toy Story 2, a character kidnapped and the scenes switch between that character's adventures and the adventures of the people trying to rescue him. But otherwise, things are brand new.

The movie is visually stunning as well. I can't get over how real the underwater world looked. They still don't quite have human's right, but it's a stylized look and it works.

I do think that they've finally not topped their last picture for sure enjoyment, in my mind at least. But considering they topped their last picture ever since Toy Story, that's pretty impressive. And I definitely loved it. 5 out of 5 stars.

No outtakes. Yet. The last two movies they've added them after a month or so. But they do have some crazy stuff going on during the credits, so it's worth sticking around to watch.

Don't walk. Don't run. Swim to see this movie this weekend!

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