Tuesday, September 03, 2002

And, once again, I've reduced my time to blog to 10 minutes. Like that ever stops me from rambling on. (BTW, just how many of you find me a pleasant, or unpleasant, way to fall asleep?)

The worst part of my weekend: my air conditioner breaking about 45 minutes out of town on Friday! And in case you missed it, it was around 100 all weekend. Drove around with all the windows rolled down. :) Think this has something to do with the way they fixed my car after my accident, but we'll just have to see. Meanwhile, it's supposed to get back down to the mid 80's.

Friday night was fun hanging out with Donald. Although, I must say he's a very bad host. He beat me at both The Stock Market Game and Historic San Francisco Monopoly. And he didn't even jump in the pool. Something about wanting to make sure he was over being sick. :) Went to bed way too late (about 1AM).

The rest of the weekend was fine. I thought I was going to loose it Sunday night, however. Leaving my grandparent's house for the last time was just so overwelming. I was glad I was driving alone since I started to cry several times. I just can't believe that part of my life is over. Forever.

And I wound up with some stuff I probably wouldn't have gotten had I not gone up. So it probably was worth it. We just won't tell anyone else that, right?

Jeff not only finished moving out over the weekend, but also cleaned up the apartment. It looked so nice until I tried to move in 4 small coffee/end tables and an extra chair. Now the downstairs is crowded again. I need to move without a roommate. I just have too much furniture.

Hey, I'm doing a fairly decent job here.

Anyway, I'm back in Santa Clarita now where I'm caught up in the trivial matters of my life. Like the fact that I misset my VCR and missed recording the first 6 hours of the 24 marathon on fx this weekend. And I really wanted to see how it started again because I just didn't follow parts of it. But I did stay up and watch the final episodes again last night. And Terry didn't fair any better, even with my yelling at the tv. :)

I've been meaning to take this test I saw over at Val's since she posted it. So here it is.

How random are you?

this quiz was made by alanna

Here I was thinking I named my blog correctly, but if I'm not random at all....

Have a good banana everyone. (I've got to do something, don't I?)

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