Thursday, April 24, 2003

I am herby declaring today survey day. In the order they came out…

First up, Eric’s Psycho Survey.

1) You are forced to listen to music for 24 hours straight at a high enough volume to make conversation impossible without shouting. It has to either be boy band/Britney Spears type music or ultra heavy speed/death metal. Which do you choose?
I can not stand death metal. I would have to go with the ultra pop. I must admit to enjoying it in very small doses anyway.

2) You have to go three days eating one of two things. Either a single small meal of something you really like or three meals a day each day of something you dislike.
I’ll take the food I like. I could stand to loose a few pounds anyway.

3) Would you choose to run 12 sets of 200 meters sprints as fast as you can with about a minute off between each, or a five mile continuous run?
I’m going to have to say the sprints. I think I could survive that. Definitely couldn’t survive a five mile run. I barely survive two mile runs (which I haven’t done for a week or two.)

4) Would you rather be forced to stay in the Sahara desert a day with a heavy jacket on, or in the Arctic for a day with shorts and a T-shirt on.
I can take heat much better then cold. I’ll take the desert, thank you very much. (Hey, look where I live.)

5) Balanced crowd co-ed Strip Poker or no holds bared, can't turn down a dare style Truth or Dare?
So one of the dares could be to strip? Hmmm. Actually, my life is an opened book as it is, so the truth or dare would be safer. And I’m such a bad poker player I’d be naked before too long.

6) You are being forced to drink until you literally throw up. Do you choose to simply drink a lot of something relatively weak that tastes good, or something really really strong that will get the job done quickly?
So who’s holding the gun to my head? Other wise, I’m not drinking a thing.

7) Would you rather have to listen to Eric tell jokes for 24 hours straight, or sprayed with mace and zapped with a stun gun once.:)
I noticed Eric conveniently forgot to answer this one himself. :) I’d have to say the jokes. They can’t be that bad, can they? Can they?

Then, Mary’s Tuesday Two.

1. I have been having a recurring dream since my early teens: I am on the ground, watching an airplane either a) fly into a building (I know...freaky!) or b) suddenly nose-dive into the ground and burst into flames. What recurring dream(s) do you have?I
’ve got the usual being chased by something or someone. And the falling off a huge height. I always wake up about the time I hit the ground.

2. Sleeping - left side, right side, back or stomach?
I try to sleep on my right side, but I often seem to wind up on my stomach. Not the best position, or so I’ve heard.

And finally, today’s Thursday Threesome, brought to this week by Claude Lévi-Strauss and The Back Porch.

Onesome: View- What is your favorite scenic site, either around your place, where you've traveled, or just that one special picture (like that Ansel Adams"Half Dome" shot)?
Bryce Canyon was spectacular. I took a ton of pictures of Half Dome when I was there in September. And yes, I’ve been known to be captivated by sunsets.

Twosome: From- How far is it from home to work? Are you a long distance commuter or do you just schlep on into the dining room/office?Two miles. Takes me about 5 minutes to drive. Have I mentioned recently how much I love my commute?

Threesome: Afar- for the travelers out there, just how far have you gone? I mean, is the trip to Grandma's about it? ...or have you made it farther abroad?
I’ve been to Europe and Israel. It’s been a few years. Maybe a trip to Australia soon?

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