Monday, April 28, 2003

They really weren't pulling my leg. Donna Andrews really was at the book festival yesterday. She flew in Sunday morning. Talk about dedication to fans! And she remembered who I was and apologized for not remember whether it was spelled with a K or a C. Heck, I was just impressed that she remember who I was at all. :)

BTW, I didn't tell you about one author (who will remain nameless) who asked me how to spell it, and, as she was telling me about the people she know who spelled it with a C preceded to spell it with a C. Funny, isn't it?

Now I'm feeling stressed. I didn't get through nearly as much of the stuff I recorded from last week as I wanted to Sunday. Something about going back to UCLA. And I really want to finish Armageddon in time to write the review by Thursday so it appears Saturday. So I will be trying to balance both of those with other things this week. Like laundry tonight and picking up Treasure Planet tomorrow.

We canceled Bible Study this week because of a huge open house that the Christian school is having. Naturally, we can't meet anywhere on campus as a result. But the worship team is still planning to get together Wednesday night so we can just have a chance to play together, get used to each other's styles, go over songs we don't all know. That kinda stuff.

Meanwhile, this is the last week of classes here on campus. Next week is finals and then summer starts, at least in my book. Where does the time go?

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