Saturday, June 29, 2013

Weekly TV Recap for June 29th

Melissa & Joey - So I like Melissa's new guy.  I wonder how much longer he'll be around.  I hate knowing they'll break up.  And can we stop hearing about how lonely Ryder is?  Seriously, give him something else to do.

Royal Pains - I was wondering just how long they were going to keep Boris' secret.  But I wasn't expecting them to kill Demetry.  And it looks like Divya is really going to be pregnant, too.  That will be interesting to watch.  Evan on village counsel.  That's going to be fun to watch.

Necessary Roughness - Yes, the show is still formulaic, but I am enjoying it more now that they've cut out her personal life issues with her kids.  Now, if we just knew what was going on with her new company.  My guess is if involves the CFO in some way since he's just a guest star, but we'll see.

Wipeout - That was just embarrassing for the brawn side of the camp.  Maybe I'd have a shot if I went on the show after all.

Burn Notice - Was not expecting them to kill off the man Michael is trying to take down.  Is that girl his daughter?  Why is she so important?  And where is she?

Graceland - Not quite as good as last week, and I still don't have a feel for where the show is going.  I don't think this is ever going to become a favorite.

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