Friday, April 23, 2004

So, right after my last post about how nothing new was going on in my life, something different happened.

I went to dinner in the cafe, and something unexpected was going on. The athletics department was serving us. Ok, so it was the same menu, we were going to have, but we picked what we wanted from the table and the "waiters" went and got it for us. It was lots of fun.

Plus, they were having athletics department trivia and a raffle. Pizzas, Quizznos, that kind of thing. Mostly. There was one good prize, and guess who won it. That's right, me! I won a one hour message. Now I just need to schedule it.

And they say that eating dinner in the cafe 7 years after college is a sign of having no life. :)

Yesterday, I introduced the new song "Be Near Me" to the kids. Went well. And I got a few comments about people liking it. Mostly from the adults, but from one teen as well. That makes me very, very happy.

Tonight I came home right after work and met my uncle and aunt. They are leaving on a cruise for their anniversary tomorrow from LA and stopped by on their way through town. Got to show off my place. They loved it! (Like they wouldn't. This is a great place.) Then we went out to dinner. Olive Garden. I haven't eatten there for way too long. Loved it. And had a great time with them.

So see, I had something exciting happen to me every day for the last few days. Not bad.

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