Thursday, April 29, 2004

Morning, and welcome to this week's Thursday Threesome. This week, it's brought to us by perfect people and The Back Porch.

Onesome: Goodie-- What is your your favorite "goodie" you treat yourself to when you've finished a project or maybe even just survived a long day? Ice cream? ...a long bath? ...a good book?
Ice cream or a good book would both work quite well.

Twosome: Two-- Quick! Two things that make you smile! No thinking, just write!
Time with good friends and rereading/rewatching something I truly enjoy.

Threesome: Shoes-- ...and how about your favorite pair of shoes? You know, the ones you look for an occasion to wear! (Yes, guys that ratty pair of tennis shoes does count...)
I have dress shoes I wear only if I have to. I have two almost identical pair of everyday shoes. Then I have my running shoes and cleats. Nothing that really seems to fit that bill.

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