Tuesday, January 27, 2004

So, who can notice what I did to my blog today? Did you say add the a reading list from All Consuming? Right in one! I think it'll start doing books in the order I want as I add them in, but either way, it is in correct order now from longest ago read to current read. I've been wanting to do this since I spotted in on Aleta's blog, and finally did it!

My weekend was nice and relaxing. I was going to play ultimate Saturday morning, but I just couldn't get out of bed in time. So I came in and spent some time on Jennie's book then went home and watched TV.

And I've decided I'm nothing but a big softy at heart. (Like this is a surprise to anyone else.) One of the things I watched was an ABC Family original film "I Want to Marry Ryan Banks." I recorded it because of Emma Caulfield and Bradley Cooper being two of the stars. (The third is Jason Priestly.) I loved it! The ending was just so sweet. If you get a chance to catch it and like romantic comedies, by all means catch this one.

Also on my viewing slate this weekend were the remakes of "Annie" and "Freaky Friday." No, I didn't get a lot read this weekend, but it was nice to just spend some time vegging. Benjamin wasn't home and Jeff and Erik were gone most of the time, so it was just me. Ah!

I decided to hold off on the laptop for a little while anyway. Pete talked some sense into me Friday night. Of course, I went out and spent a tone of money at Wal-Mart today. But it was all stuff I need. Well, maybe not the new Alice in Wonderland two disc set. Naturally, this afternoon I got a $3 off coupon. :(

Trying hard not to spend all kinds of money on DVD's still. You know, filling in the gaps from what was on my Christmas list but I didn't get. I need better self-control skills. And I need them know!

As seen at Kathy's:

There's a 20% chance that I'll win a Bloggie™.
What's Your Chance to Win a Bloggie™?

Wow, that's better then I thought it would be! (I was expecting about a 0%. Of course, if this were an Amazon reviewer award, I might actually care a bit more.)

And this week's word association:

  1. Political:: News (like the kind I really like)
  2. Concentration:: Memory game
  3. Fish:: Swim
  4. Lunacy:: Crazy
  5. Red:: Stop
  6. Imply:: Suggest
  7. Recognize:: I know who you are!
  8. Sexist:: Pig
  9. Commercial:: Can't we get back to the show?
  10. Stricken:: Seriously ill

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