Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Last night was certainly a mixed bag. I started out stopping by Home Depot needing to pick up new light fixtures for the bedrooms and some stuff to connect the rails to the upper bunk and the two bunks together in my room. I got home only to discover that the dowl I bought was too small and the bolts I bought two big. Furthermore, one of the two lights I bought was one I didn't want hiding in a box for the one I did. So out of all the stuff I bought, I'm actually keeping one thing. :)

Fortunately, my evening got much better from there. I'm caught up on all the stuff I have recorded except the hours of Monk I need to watch. Of course, it helped that I watched four episodes of Angel in fast forward. But I got to enjoy an hour of I'm With Her as a result. And then a few nice surprises in 24.

Then, I stayed up way too late trying to finish my book. I succeeded, and what a great ride it was, too. It was Murder Off Mike by Joyce Krieg. I absolutely loved every minute. I'm sorry that it's over, and can't wait to see what comes next. Unfortunately, that won't be for another six months.

So tonight will bring about the return of stuff to Home Depot and hopefully get the right sizes this time. Then I'm going to try to undecorate the Christmas tree. Yep, that's still up.

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