Friday, January 23, 2004

Every so often when I move, my muscles remind me that I haven't been to the fitness center for a few weeks, but for the most part I'm fine. Of course, it was incredibly hard again today. Hopefully by next week it'll feel more like it should.

Spring weather is certainly here today. No cold bitter breeze from the last couple of days. I was actually pleasatly warm heading to the fitness center at lunch time. Of course, we still need rain desperately. If only it would rain. And the wind all week has kicked up my alergies big time.

Never happy, am I?

Meanwhile, I got sucked back into the Amazon Customer Review message board for a little over 24 hours. Now take a look at that title again. What would you expect if you went into that board. Well, if you were me, you'd expect messages about customer reviews and reviewing, right? Well, anymore you'll find very little of those. Now it's a general free for all with people making lots of friends there.

A new representative of Amazon showed up there this week. In the middle of a fight about what the purpose of the board is. Those of us who thought the purpose of the board should primarily be about reviewing and issues with Amazon were treated like dirt. It seems like people there think they have the right to post what they want when they want where they want. Just one problem, this is a message board devoted to customer reviews. Someone suggested that we have different frames on the same screen for Amazon related stuff and for off topic stuff. You'd have thought that person suggested that those who posted off-topic stuff were lesser beings or something. Those of us calling for more focus on Amazon have been labled as arrogant and whiney because our posts aren't what the general populace of the board wants to post on. EVEN THOUGH IT'S THE TOPIC OF THE BOARD!!!!! So I've left again, which is being likened to a little kid taking his toy and going home because others don't want to play his way.

Sorry, but I don't have time to wade through hundreds of messages every day from people I will never consider more then acquaintences for a few posts on something I'm interested in. I went to the board for one specific thing, but if the board doesn't want to talk about it any more, I don't need to bother to go back. And the nerve of some of the people telling me I was out of line for saying we needed to return to the topic at hand shocked me. It shouldn't have considering their behavior in the past. It makes me feel so glad for the civil adult people we have in the Trixie community. I still marvel that we can have so many different personalities and other interests yet get along so well most of the time. Even on our bad days, we are nothing like what people on this board are like. And I'm not even including my fiend from this and a different board both.

Ok, I'll stop ranting now. Have a good weekend everyone.

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