Friday, February 21, 2003

Well, in just a few short minutes, I'll be leaving for SR. Actually got the majority of the packing done after Bible study last night. Just need to change, add a few last minute things, and hit the road. After checking my oil and water. Got the tire pressure taken care of last night. (Family joke.) Looks like I'm going to need to figure out why my left front tire has a slow leak. Not fun.

The good news is it looks like I figured out the correct windsheild wiper blades to get. We had brief showers Wednesday night, and they worked just fine. That's a relief heading off on a major trip like this.

Got several sincere sounding compliments on worship time last night. In spite of my voice. I noticed a couple times when it was giving out on me, but not when I was trying to bring everyone in. Talked a little more to Jon, and we really don't know what shape the worship team will take yet. So we'll just have to see what happens I guess. Another chance to practice being flexible. :)

I'm feeling the best I have all week. Still didn't get the sleep I wanted, but we were all in with the lights out by 1, so I got more sleep then I have been. I'll still keep my distance from my family so I don't make them sick. Man, I wanted to be well this weekend.

Anyway, I'm going to hit the road. Hope you have a great weekend, and I'll fill you in on mine when I get back.

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