Friday, February 07, 2003

It's finally almost 5!!!!!

I went to see my allergist today. She wants me to come in every 6 months or so. Anyway, I'm usually in and out of her office in 15 minutes flat. If I'm not getting my allergy shots at the same time, I often don't have to pay to park in the lot (first 15 minutes free.) Today, I got there right when my appointment was supposed to be. And I didn't leave until an hour after it was past. Things were crazy in there. Must have something to do with the wind we're having here. Even though my allergies aren't super bad (because of the shots), they've still been bothering me all week. My eyes have a bloodshot tinge to them. My nose picks the worse times to run (like last night leading worship). But, I'm still able to function. I think I'd be dead on my feet if I didn't get shot.

I'm really feeling left out. Kurt was showing off his new cell phone last night. That makes me the only member of jr. high staff without one. But I just can't quite justify having one. Mainly because they cost so much. I don't get any calls at home, so why would I need to pay for another phone for no one to call me on? And maybe if I repeat this often enough, I'll actually believe it.

Don't think I'll be playing ultimate tomorrow. Of course, the wind seems to have died down now, but it usually picks up again at night. And trying to throw the disc in any kind of strong wind is not my idea of fun.

And I'm skipping Bible study tonight, too. Definitely won't be there next time because I'll be out of town for that wedding. (Assuming Phil actually gives me the time off when I ask for it.) I just can't make myself go out of the house tonight. Why am I struggling like this? O well, maybe a couple days of doing nothing will help me get enthused about doing things again.

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