Monday, February 10, 2003

Frustration is the name of the game today.

I was clicking right along on my bank rec. Thought I'd actually have it done on Monday for a change and I could move on to other things the rest of the week. Then I hit the deposit. I had to get together with Elizabeth, and we can't figure out what she did, but it doesn't add up at all. I went ahead with what I thought I had, and I'm only out of balance by $12,000. Pocket change, right? (And if you agree, I'll be happy to take your pocket change off your hands any time you want.)

Then there's the Amazon customer review message board. I've met some interesting people there and learned alot about the place. Frankly, I think some of them are the reason I'm as high as I am. But it's become a free for all with tons of off topic messages that get out of hand. Heck, it's the reason I came close to a rant against the anti-war crowd last week. But today's situation takes the cake.

Someone was accused of being prejudiced because of something he'd posted that was in questionable taste. He explained that away, but a couple of the anti-war liberals kept on him. As part of a further explanation, he said, "It's not like I sit around thinking X." Well, one of those two, a supposed reader, jumped on the "I sit around thinking X." part of the post and jumped all over him. Almost destroyed a friendship. When the whole thing was reprinted and she was made to face the music, she admitted she jumped to the wrong conclusion (barely), but then blaimed the other person because his font was small so she skimmed his message and said he should have written his post better. I'm not really involved, but I'm sick over the whole thing and really want to write her the riot act. It won't do any good. The good part of this whole thing is I'm out of there. It's not worth the blood pressure increases I get every day.

In other news - Alias. Francie's still dead. I will never forgive them for that.

I did hit the fitness center at lunch time. Took a late lunch to do it. But was told that I could work out at noon if there was someone there or not. (Of course, if it's locked up, I don't see how I can get in.)

And already I'm ready for another weekend like I just had. Not sure when it will happen since I'm now booked until after my birthday. Just found out that Joanne Fluke is signing her new book on my birthday. I'd prefer to go to the store she's signing at the week before, but can't make that. Guess what I'll be doing for my birthday afternoon this year. :)

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