Wednesday, August 14, 2002

Well, I've watched three episodes of Alias in the last 24 hours. It amazes me the things you pick up on the second time around. There was one scene I was watching that seemed to say one thing, but really said another. If you've only watched it once, you've only seen half the show.

Last night's ultimate was both good and bad. The other team only had 5 people show up (a team is 7) so we won by forfit. We won, but a bit of a disappointing way to go about it. But then we sent a couple people over to their side, and we scrimaged for the time we would have normally played. I had so much fun doing that. Played more then I've played all season, and did better then I'd done, as well. Actually scored a point, even. Almost five. Of course, part of the fun was the fact that the pressure was off. Tournament is all day Saturday in Pomona. 'Twill be hot, tiring, and loads of fun.

With the new school year starting up again (new students arrive Friday here, returning Wednesday. Can't believe it!), Breakpoint has been rerunning some of their college themed programs. (If you're interested, check out the archives for last week.) This week's are new, however, and I found this one from yesterday especially interesting. And they say I'm trying to stiffle freedom of expression. :)

Bible study tonight, then the final two episodes of Alias with Jeff. Finally, we can discuss the show in its (first season) entirity. It's been hard to keep some things under my hat.

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