Monday, August 26, 2002

I went ahead and got up for ultimate Saturday morning. Actually had fun, although we only had half the field due to some stupid young soccer players. I was so sorry to see they were being lead down the wrong path considering ultimate is the only true sport.

I'd heard a rumor about Trixie Belden books available at a used bookstore in Long Beach. Only supposed to be an hour away, so I thought I'd give it a try. An hour later, I was only half way there because of traffic. So I took a couple different freeways and headed up to Crime Time. Linda had already started her going out of business sale, so I bought some of the stuff I hadn't planned to getting until Sept. 21st. And I made a list of the books I'd like to read before she closes so I know if I should buy any more in the series. There are only 13 titles on the list. I really need to get busy!

Sunday, I just stayed around the apartment. Dozed while watching TV and reading. Very nice to relax like that.

Jeff popped into the office this morning looking for my help. Seems his car died yesterday, and he needed a ride to meet the tow truck. So my lunch time changed from reading to driving. And I stopped for Carl's Jr. while we were out. I really need to stop ordering more then the burgers. That's the only part I really enjoy.

Tonight, laundry, Who Killed Whats-Her-Name?, and Dog Eat Dog. Except for the laundry, sounds perfect. :)

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