Thursday, August 29, 2002

Now what do I do?

So, there is some discussion between the board and those who actually spend every day on campus if they need to hire Marcus or not. Naturally, that means they haven't hired him yet. Which means I have no one moving in in the near future. And since I told TJ he could move in if Marcus didn't work out.... TJ of course doesn't need a place until the end of September. I really can't persue anything else because of what I told TJ. So here I still wait. I just wish they'd make up their minds already!!!!

Plus this has been the week for message board fights. There was one over at Jix and then I "started" one on CMCentral. Unfortunately that second one all I did was make people mad at me when I thought I had a valid point of view that I expressed rationally and calmly. Now I'm frustrated.

And the good news/bad news situation about my weekend. The good news - I'm going to spend Friday night at Donald's. The bad news? It'll be on the way to my parents for the rest of the weekend.

I really could use a nothing happening weekend right about now. But my parents are really, really, really pushing me to come up before they turn Grpop's estate over for the estate sale. (I never did blog about that, but I was pretty livid a couple weeks back.) Is it possible to be mad at someone for trying to help you? Basically, they originally planned to turn things over by the 15th, and asked me four times in a week if I'd be able to come up before then, even though I told them four times in a week that there was no way I could because of the audit. Then you wonder why it is I didn't want to move an hour and a half away. I'd spend every weekend in Santa Rosa. Now, they want me to come up and see if there's anything I really want to take. That's wonderful. But I don't see why we couldn't do it over the phone. Some of the stuff Mom was talking about was nice, but there's no way I'm going to take it because I have no room for it. And it's not like I haven't been up there this year. This will make trip number 4. All told, I'll be in Santa Rosa six times this year. Yet they've been asking me since I left Memorial Day if they'd see me before we met in Yosemite. Yes, there's the part of me that's honored because of them wanting to see me. And it was more my uncle and aunt. But I can't drop everything and come when they tell me to. They used to understand that.

I do realize part of the problem is emotional. This has been a hard year on them, and going through the house hasn't helped. That's going to make it hard, too. Things get turned over Tuesday. Fortunately, I'll be out of there Monday morning to fight the Labor Day traffic because there's no way I'd want to be there the last day in the house.

Ok, I promise, rant over. Guess you didn't get to miss hearing it after all.

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