Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Maybe I should post something today. What do you think?

Well, the roommate lead fell through. No leads as of yet. Still hoping.

Saturday, I did nothing. Productive that is. Played ultimate frisbee in the morning. Went back to the condo and caught up on my videos. Swam for a little while. Exciting stuff like that.

Sunday, however, I went down to Santa Monica. It was just too nice to stay inside yet again. So Jeff and I took off right after church. Spent a couple hours on the beach. Slight breeze but very nice day. Read, dozed, swam. Unfortunately, not nearly long enough. But fun for what it was. Got back just in time for worship team practice.

I can tell fall is coming, however. Even though it's still pleasantly warm out, the air had a bit of a nip to it when I left for work this morning. And it smells of fall outside.

Which is probably for the best. I have a Christmas CD in my car right now. Kinda hard to listen to that and be thinking "It's October" when it feels so much warmer then that. Of course, I often pull out a Christmas CD or two during the summer, so it's not completely foreign.

Hoping to finish Evan Can Wait tonight. He may be able to wait, but I certainly can't. :) First Rhys Bowen book I've read in months, and I'm really enjoying it.

I guess that's about all the news here. Which works out well. It's just about dinner time.

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