Wednesday, October 15, 2003

In case you haven't heard, all the workers in Albertson's, Vons, and Ralph's, the three largest grocery chains in Southern CA are on strike right now. Naturally, this makes life interesting, especially since there are very few alternatives if you want to avoid the nasty business of the picket lines.

Being the rebel I am, I will now be shopping at Albertson's for sure until this is over. Here's what I found out.

I knew it was over medical plans. At least at Albertson's, the employees are now being expected to pay part of the premium costs. $5 per person with a $15 max per family. And for this, they're giving up a week of pay to start with? Makes no sense to me, and that's a token amount, anyway. So I'm rather mad at the workers on strike and feel that they are totally wrong in this case.

Neither side plans to give in any time soon, so it could be a long drawn out thing. We'll just have to see what happened.

Meanwhile, we have a server crash over at snarkfest, so I now need to try to remember what I said about Alias yesterday.

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