Monday, October 20, 2003

Either that was the world's wimpiest cold or it was really allergies. I felt find all day Saturday, and still feel fine now. I'm leaning toward allergies because it's been so dry around here. It may be in the 90's during the day still, but it's certainly fall.

Had a blast at Disneyland as always. Met Angelique, and we hit everything we could think of in a full day event. With Splash, Big Thunder, and Space Mountains all closed and Pirates closed all morning, we had to fight bigger crowds then expected all day. But we still got in everything we wanted, and the longest wait we had as for Peter Pan's Flight. Why it's everyone's favorite is beyond me.

Yesterday was talking to family day and church. And wouldn't you know it, the week that Kyle can't make it, I decide to do "Awesome God," one of his favorites. Maybe next time.

We had a SNYF afterwards at the restaurants nearby. And sang out in the courtyard. Fortunately, the lights in the parking lot put out a lot more light then I thought they would.

Today has been an exercise in frustrations, followed by all the problems being solved in the last few minutes of work. Now, if I can find the $50 I'm missing from the bank rec for a week ago, I'll be happy. That's on my to do list tomorrow.

Tonight, I hope to finish my book, The Magician's Nephew. I must admit, the Chronicles of Narnia move a little slower on rereading then I'd like, especially when you remember the basic storyline. But I'm glad I've been rereading them this year.

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