Thursday, September 18, 2003

Morning all! This week's Thursday Threesome is brought to us by a scientific theory and The Back Porch.

Onesome: Darwin's- Hmm... Ever run across someone who could be a Darwin awards candidate? Can you share your story? If not, what's your favorite story (true or not)?
You know the problem with these quizzes? I can always think of the perfect answer three weeks later. :) The only story I can think of right now is the guy who put the rockets on his truck to make it go faster then they was killed because he couldn’t control his truck. At least he tried this in the dessert so he didn’t hurt anyone else.

Twosome: Survival of- What kicks you into survival mode during the week? Kids? School? Driving? Spouse (nope, better leave that one alone!) The News? What makes you yearn for your next break?
Work! Is it the weekend yet? Of course, this weekend, I’ll be moving, so that’s not exactly a break. Seriously, I like my job and my co-workers. I just prefer to be doing what I want to do. But that applies to everyone, I supposed.

Threesome: the Fittest- Hey, how are you doing in the fitness wars? Are you the drill sergeant leading the troops on the five mile hikes or are you the person waiting back at camp with the chips and dip ready for when they come to their senses?
I was doing well for a while, working out at lunch time anyway. But I’m become lazy again. Right now, I’m working on stuff for the move every spare second, so I have a good excuse. Starting next week, I can’t run home at lunch like I’m used to doing, so I’ll have to start working out. No other option.

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