Saturday, August 16, 2003

The last 24 hours have been horrid. If I'm going to back out of my condo purchase, I have to do it now! This pipe thing may be a blessing in disguise for that. And it would get me out of this horrid possition of having to find roommates (plural) when I can't seem to hang on to one.

But, if I do, I can't get anything else for substancially less. So I don't know what to do.

Complicating matters is my lack of sleep from a long week and no AC in the apartment. Someone looked at it this morning, and determined that the compressor is out (I HATE those things), and it could take up to two weeks to fix it. I've borrowed a couple of box fans, so hopefully, I can cool things off when the sun sets in a couple hours and get some sleep.

But this lack of sleep is making me not think clearly. And extra emotional. Not good for making smart decisions.

I did come up with a way I might be able to get a place on my own. But I won't know until Monday if I can even get any money from the program.

Meanwhile, I did manage to make it to the book signing today. Laura Levine is nice in person. Looking forward to reading her new book. And I was good, it was the only book I bought.

Well, I'm off to go home and stew some more. Then tomorrow, it's most likely off to ultimate frisbee tournament. Can I pick weekends to fall apart or what?

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