Friday, August 15, 2003

Am I ever glad this week is over!

Went to the Home Owners Meeting last night. What a waste of time. They've only gotten a few bids in on the repipe, so they really have nothing to tell us. Did get enough ammo to know that my sellers should have known about this and disclosed it. Think we're going to ask for the money to cover it. If it gets done. Lots of time was spent arguing about whether or not it needed to be done. (Guess which side those who haven't had leaks are on.) And then there are those who don't think the repipe should happen who complain that the maintenance budget is overspent. I'll give you one guess why. Yep, plumbing emergencies.

So basically, I spent 90 minutes and got no information. I even missed Quizzno's as a result. :(

Then, when I got home, I discovered the A/C is broken. And we're having 100 degree weather. Fortuntely, it is cooling down at night, so I can open the place up and get cool air coming through. Of course, the upstairs stays much hotter, so I slept on the couch last night. I'm thinking the movies might be in order tonight. (Actually, staying home sounds nice, so that's what I'll probably wind up doing.)


And, this week, I found out via the grapevine that Marcus' life is changing and I might need to find two roommates instead of finding one to make life confortable. Can I just bury my head in the sand and ignor life? Please?

At least it's the weekend. I'm splurging and going to a book signing tomorrow, and probably to the Reagan library as well. Then Sunday is the ultimate frisbee tournament in hot Pomona all weekend. Always fun, however. If only my life would simplify while I am ignoring it this weekend.

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