Monday, August 04, 2003

I think the high is beginning to fade. Only took a couple of days. Now the waiting can begin.

Got an inspection scheduled for Thursday.

Went over there a couple of times on Sunday and parking is a nightmare. I may have to work out some kind of arrangement with the tandom parking so that three guys with wildly different schedules can all have a place to park. Or at least two of us. Any ideas?

Speaking of which, I figured out how to fix my comments so they once again announce when someone has left me a comment. Always a plus.

Didn't do much yesterday. Between church services, I watched the new VeggieTales and dozed. Quite a fun DVD. Also started the reprint of Trixie #3. Got quite a kick out of Jim calling them Moll Dicks. I have never seen that in print before, so it took me aback. And this is in a book I thought I had memorized. :)

Today's been a quiet day at work to make up for Thursday and Friday last week. Nice for a change. But I know it won't last. With only four working days before the audit, things will speed up again soon. Can't wait until it starts so I can get back to bank reconciliations. Being 5 weeks behind bothers me, but mainly it's so fun to do them. Probably my favorite part of the job. Yes, I'm weird, but if you're just figuring that out....

BTW, seems everyone wants me to have a housewarming party. I wasn't even planning on having one. Although, I could always use more towels. :)

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