Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Do people even think? I mean, really?

I have just made a decision. I am not going back to the Amazon customer review board. Not only is my friend banned for life, but I'm sick of the arogant attitudes displayed over there. There are so many know it all, better then thou liberals it's sickening! They don't agree with me, that's fine. They have that right. But I have the right to my own opinion. And they don't respect that. Someone (and a top review) has decided to start political discussions every day. Hello! This is supposed to be about customer reviews. Then he wonders why they get deleted when they are so far off topic. Then there are the people moaning because of all the problems we've been having this year. Yes, things are bad. Yes, the new system to post reviews faster has actually made things worse right now. Yes, we do help Amazon's profits. And authors (they've told me.) But, Amazon doesn't owe us anything. If they decided to take down reviews tomorrow, I'd be upset, but it wouldn't be the end of the world! Anyway, if there seems to be a problem with the site, I might check in. But I won't be posting there ever again.

Yes, there's a reason I didn't post that on the board. If I did, I'd be called a whiner, looser, and my points would never be heard. I'm tired of trying.

So, what else is going on in my life?

Went down to Santa Monica to play ultimate frisbee again Sunday. Tommy and I had a great time. Just wasn't long enough because Dave planned a SNYF for Sunday night and announced it at the very last minute! I'm getting tired of these last minute youth things. But I came back for it like the good staffer I am, especially since I wasn't able to go out to the beach retreat that's going on right now. I am heading out there with my guitar tonight, but just for a few hours. Man, I wanted to go!

Tommy and I decided to take full advantage of the last week of summer pick-up and went to play ultimate again last night. But I've done something to my elbow because it gave out on me and was really hurting. I'm hoping if I take it easy, I can make it through our last game Wednesday and the tournament on Sunday. What a week for it to give out on me!

And, in condo news, I found out on my own (not disclosed by the seller) that the complex is taking bids to repipe the place. That's good news because it really needs it, but bad news because it will cost me more money, unless we can get the sellers to pay. (After they give me a million dollars, of course.) There's a HOA meeting about it Thursday night, so looks like I'll be skipping out very early on youth group to go to that. At least it's close to church.

And now, for the quiz that everyone else seems to have done.

Lord of the Rings!

What movie Do you Belong in?(many different outcomes!)
brought to you by Quizilla

Not sure if this is me or not, but I really don't like that movie. :)

And, just for kicks (and in case this is a new version)

charlie brown
YOU'RE CHARLIE BROWN!!! You're lonely and you worry
over little things, you put yourself down much
of the time and usually the but of everyone's

What Peanuts Gang Character Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Yep, this is a different quiz from the one I took ages ago. And I definitely think it's right. I've always said I was just like Charlie Brown.

Got to run. Leaving for the beach retreat in 30 minutes and I need to go home and change first. Guess I'll do Mary's Tuesday Two on Wednesday. :)

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