Monday, February 06, 2012

My January Reads

Here are the books I read in January.  Links will take you to my full review at Epinions.

All ratings are on a scale from 1 (bad) to 5 (great).

Presley Parker is hosting a vampire party in a graveyard to celebrate the completion of filming on a vampire spoof movie.  But when a body appears the morning of the party, she begins to wonder if there is a connection between the victim and one of her guests.  I like Parker and find these books fun.

One of two rereads of old favorites this month.  Trixie's cousin is in town for a visit, but Trixie is distracted by the wheelchair that appears and disappears along Glen Road.  Meanwhile, a woman no one knows is trying to get invited to the wedding of Jim's cousin.  While one sub-plot falls flat, I enjoy this great mystery that uses all the characters well and actually keeps them in character.  A great start to the second half of the series.

Stella and Nick Buckley have traded in life in New York City for a small town in Vermont.  But when they arrive at their new home, they find a dead man in their well.  Since they can't move in until the murder is solved, they dig in to catch the killer themselves.  I enjoyed this debut, especially the main characters.  Unfortunately, I felt the momentum in the beginning was slowed down by back story that could have been slipped in better later.

It'd been too long since I had visited this old friend.  In this book, the newly remarried Mrs. Pollifax sets off to Hong Kong to find out why one of Carstairs' informants has started sending him bogus information.  Naturally, she is quickly in over her head.  The formula is intact, although the finale of the book is very dark for the series (though not for a spy novel) and a bit rushed.

The second in a kid's mystery series that combines steampunk and Sherlock Holmes.  Griffin and his uncle have raced home to see what has happened to his parents only to almost be killed as soon as they've arrived.  Why?  The answer lies back in London and may lead to the end of the world as we know it.  I was enjoy this book despite some over writing until I hit the climax which was a cheap way to end things.  Not a bad book, but a disappointing finish.

Monk and Natalie are off to Summit, New Jersey, to help new police chief Randy Disher gain a handle on the string of burglaries plaguing the normally quiet town.  This book is an absolute treat for fans of the TV show and Lee's novels based on them because of what he does with the characters.


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