Friday, July 08, 2011

The Rest of the Long Weekend

So, I already told you about the run I did last weekend.  But I was actually quite busy all weekend.

Saturday was my quiet day.  What did I do?  Other than going over to my former roommate Daniel's new place, I stayed home and took care of stuff around there.  I cut my hair and did a few other things like that.  Nothing too exciting, but it was good.

Sunday is when things got exciting.  It started with an e-mail from my friend Josh asking about coming over and swimming that afternoon.  Things changed, and he and his wife didn't make it over.  But I did spend the afternoon swimming with some other friends at a different pool.  With the heat we've had this weekend, it felt great.  Sunday night was the usual hanging out with Josh and Joe, then I spent the night at Josh's.

And then Monday after the race I wound up spending a little time at the parade in my town.  I've never been before.  I stayed for maybe a third of it.  I was aiming to head home, but I made it as far as Josh's for a couple of hours.  We talked while I rested for the long drive across town to grab lunch and then nap.  Oh did that nap feel good.

That evening, I went to Kurt and Kellie's.  I have seen them or that gang of friends in forever.  It was absolutely wonderful catching up with all of them over good BBQ, some disc golf, and a dip in the pool.  Because of the kids, everyone had scattered by the time the fireworks started, but I found a spot to enjoy them before heading home and crashing hard.

As you can see, it was in no way restful.  But oh was it wonderful!

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