Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Not Much to Say

It's Wednesday, so I need to blog something, but I really don't have that much to say.

Things have been pretty quiet at home for the last couple of days. Which is nice.

Weather's getting colder again. In fact, it's supposed to rain and be in the 50's over the weekend. So my St. Pat's Hat tournament might move to a beach. Playing in the rain is fun for an hour or two, but all weekend? And I'm hardly ready to play on a field, playing on the sand will literally kill me. I'm guessing lots of people don't show up if that happens. Heck, I might join their ranks. Especially on Sunday. But we'll see.

I was watching an episode of Wonder Woman last night, and both Tom and Chris wound up watching with me. Why is it that program gets so much cheesier when someone watches with me? I was almost embarrassed by some of the stuff going on. Of course, I've always known it was bad, but enjoyed it anyway. So we mocked it together. Me doing a little, but not much. Then they both watched Amazing Race with me. I'm getting quite a kick out of what Rob's pulling there. He's making it a season unlike any others. I think Phil is enjoying that as well.

And I haven't book blogged in a long time, have I? Meanwhile, I am reading faster then normal. Probably due to fewer new episodes on right now.

Drop Dead, My Lovely is a humourous mystery, as you'd expect from the title. It tells the tale of Pete Ingalls who, after a bump on his head, thinks he's a PI. Problem is, he's extremely stupid. Quite funny, especially his narrations on life along the way. However, the character's language was a real turn off for me.

The Flaming Luau of Death is the new Madeline Bean novel. Loved it! As always, the plot is a wild ride that you'd never expect. This time she's in Hawaii for a vacation/bachelorette party for employee/friend Holly. I thought the change of location might hurt the series, but I enjoyed it just as much as the others. I just can't get enough.

The Waking Nightmare is the newest Diagnosis Murder book. I'm half way through and loving every minute of it. If you were at all a fan of the series, get these books. They are just as if the series never went off the air. Can't wait to get back to it.

Well, it's a little after 5. Need to head to dinner so I can get home and change so I leave on time to meet Jennie at the airport. Will be fun to see her, even if the tournement is taking up some of the time we could be hanging out. Of course, most the time she'll be attending the conference that is the real reason she's out here, so it's all good.

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