Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Being a Detective is Easy

When you have clues dropped in your lap.

Last Sunday (Palm Sunday, not three days ago), Jennie, Angelique, and I dropped by The Mystery Bookstore in all our wanderings. It's been a topic of wondering for the last several months since the owner has been conspicuously abscent, even during their recent anniversary party. Rumors were flying like crazy as to what was going on.

Naturally, when I heard the clerk in the store talking about Shelly, I rudely shushed Jennie and shamelessly evasdropped.

Looks like one of the rumors is true. A former employee came back and started being the operations manager for the store. Shelly was happy with his work and decided it was time to retire. So he's sold his shared of the business and will be retiring to Oregon to start an on-line mystery magazine.

I know many will miss him. But personally, I may start shopping in that store. I avoided it on general principle most of the time because I always found the guy to be downright rude to me anytime I did try to get something from him, including at the UCLA book festival.

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