Friday, March 04, 2005


Is it geeky that I love today's date? Yeah, I thought so.

My office continues to smell. It seemed to be doing better yesterday, but it's definitely worse today. I'm glad I don't have to come in for a couple days.

Wednesday night, I've piled Matt and Casey into my car to leave, and the car will hardly move. Get back out, and discover that I have a flat tire. And I mean very, very flat. It had a screw in it, but that had been there for a few days. Don't know what made it loose air so quickly, but we got it changed and left within half an hour.

And can I just say I'd forgotten how powerful the last few episodes of Babylon 5 are. Man, I love that show.

To make up for Wednesday, Thursday I got an awesome surprise. At lunch time, I headed over to Borders for a book signing for Joanne Fluke's newest book, Peach Cobbler Murder. Had a great time, as I figured I would. The surprise came when I got it back to my office. I was thumbing through the recipes and then took a gander at the acknowledgements. Guess who's name was listed there. Yep, I made the acknowledgements of a second author's book. And it was a complete surprise, too. Naturally, that made my day.

Youth group last night was horrid. At least half the kids were talking constantly. While trying to lead worship, while the video was playing, etc. At least the two guys in my small group also thought it was a problem. That made me feel so much better.

And I may have the roommate situation taken care of. One of the guys on high school staff is looking to move, but his current landlord wants three months notice. And my roommates are leaving in ... three months. I hope this works, because I think he'd make a great roommate. And he's willing to pay for a whole room by himself, meaning there would just be two of us in there. That sounds like Heaven right about now.

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