Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Tomorrow I'll Stop Procrastinating

Really I will. I'll have no choice. My boss will be back, and I have stuff I absolutely have to get done before the end of the month so that the government doesn't come after us with fines.

I got so little done today it's not even funny.

And I'm in a funk over my roommate situation. The reality of loosing the income is starting to sink in, I think. Yet I truly don't want them to stick around. Friday, they went out and didn't bother inviting me. And it's something I've mentioned liking to do. And things keep coming back to mind. Like one roommate saying "While you were gone, we had our first roommate dinner." Excuse me??!! I live here, too! Or, being told twice by the same one, "We are not friends."

I have decided that either way, I don't want to share the master bedroom. Yes, the money would be nice, but I think it'll be nicer to have my own space.

Just talked to a guy looking to move down here. He wants to take a look at the place, and I think he'd prefer to have a room to himself for what I want for half a room. He's supposed to call me back Friday with his work schedule so we can discuss when he can take a look at it. We'll see what happens. If he doesn't call me back Friday, I'm not interested in having him as a roommate. He claims to be responsible, but if he can't do this, I don't want him to move in.

Yes, I want to be more selective this next go around. No, I don't expect these people to become my bestest friends ever. But some common decency would be nice. And I don't think it's asking for too much, either.

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