Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Quick update and a story

So I got home last night all ready to talk to my roommates...and none of them were home! I'd been home all of 10 minutes when they all came home, so I was able to talk to them all at the same time. They seemed to think I was being logical and fair by asking for 30 days advance notice. I did tell them to tell me by Friday who was going and staying this month, so we'll see if they do or not. Which means right now I get to wait.

Although I think two of them aren't since they both promised me 30 days notice. At least I can hope they aren't moving out.

Let's see, the sun has come out big time. And it wasn't too cold outside without a coat on today. I think I'm even going to try opening my garage door again tonight.

I'm over half way through Evan's Gate. I just can't stop reading. Great as always with this series. If you haven't read it yet, go get it now. After you finish this entry, of course.

And now for the story.

I've been reading in my car on my lunch hour this week. Yesterday, two co-workers came back from lunch while I was doing so. One of them took one of my magnetic bumper stickers off my car to put on the other's car. So person number two immediately took it off her car and started to walk up to my door to move it for me. Now I'd seen person #1 take the magnet off my car to begin with, so I was already getting out of the car. By suddenly emerging like I did, I really scared them both. They were laughing loudly about it all the way across the parking lot. I got a kick out of it, too. Except for the fact that if people keep messing with them, I'm going to wind up loosing them to theft or just loss. And that's won't make me happy.

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