Wednesday, November 06, 2002

Welcome to the day after the election. While everywhere you turn, you're being treated to commentators’ thoughts on the election, I'm sure mine are the ones you're most concerned about. :) Yes, I'm a conservative, so I'm happy. And you are free to stop reading now. I won't be offended at all.

Florida - Guess the majority of the state wasn't as upset by 2000 as the rest of us were led to believe. I'm surprised (pleasantly) that Jeb held on to his position. By a wide margin, too. I'm sorry that not everyone feels this way, however. (That's for you, Shana and Chris. I'm assuming, based on past conversation.)

New Jersey - The people of that state are blind. I can't believe they fell for the Demo's trick and actually voted the Demo in. That's just wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong!!!! They stole that election, but we'll see if anyone has the guts to call them on it.

Minnesota - They weren't as gullible up there. Repubs won big.

Over all, I feel better about things then I have for a while. Seems like so many of the places I go on-line are hard core liberal. I was beginning to wonder if I was the only one left in the country who saw some of the stupid things Demo's were doing. Obviously, I'm not. Naturally, I'll be watching the Repubs very closely now (Have I mentioned that I've become a Fox News addict in the last month?) to see what they do with what they've been given. I don't think we'll wind up in the mess that many are claiming today, but only time will tell for sure.

I've saved my own state for last. Unlike Gabi, I'm disappointed Davis won again. I voted for Simon for Governor. While I was not impressed with his unproved attack on Davis, I still think he's a better choice then Davis. D's done nothing for our state, in spite of what he claims. I'll say this, if the energy crisis hadn't been two years ago, he would have lost no matter who he was running against!

And I don't have the faith in my fellow state citizens that I hoped to have. The measure to let you register to vote at the poll lost, but by a much closer margin then I'd hoped it would. While it sounds nice in theory, it's extremely dangerous and just asking to be abused. But it was defeated, so I can rest easy.

Back tomorrow morning with the Thursday Threesome. Have a great night and thanks for listening.

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