Friday, November 22, 2002

I got home last night, and basically went right to bed. After spending all week keeping up to date on my TV shows, I have 6 hours from last night to watch. Of course, two of those are Fox News Shows. Have I mentioned recently that I'm addicted to that channel?

The wind's died down the last couple of days. Kinda nice, actually. Weather's extremely warm. I was out at 9 last night with no coat and wasn't cold at all. That's unusual, even for Sunny Southern California.

Yesterday was definately an early Thanksgiving for me. Lunch in the cafe was the annual Thanksgiving "dinner." Went with Ben, which was nice cause I haven't spent any time with him in a long time. Of course, the food wasn't as good as I was hoping for. Especially the stuffing. They had a cornbeard stuffing or an apple/walnut. Couldn't have the second, and the first just wasn't stuffing. O well, I'll get some next week. :)

Then last night, we had our annual "Thanksgiving Feast" with the jr. highers. Here, everyone brings a dish that starts with the same letter as their last name. I brought Bread and Butter. And everyone was shocked when I actually did considering I kept saying I would. Considering the Durons were out of town and we staff were running it, it went very well. Don't know who's speaking in Sunday School. Don't think Dave will be back, but I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Speaking of which, does anyone else have this happen to them? I have way too many friends who seem to ramble on on tangents and don't get the fact that I'm in a hurry. Wednesday, Dave called just as I was getting back with the guys for Enterprise (which was a great episode, BTW.) He proceeds to ramble on about what the high school is doing, after telling me right off the bat that we aren't doing the same thing. Ok, it doesn't effect me (which I had to know before this to know if I was getting together with Seth and Kiersten or not) so get on with it. I was a little rude, but then again, I was being a rude host as Marcus was having to introduce himself to those he didn't know.

Not sure what I'm doing tomorrow anymore. I thought I'd be seeing Santa Clause 2, but both Josh and Pete have now backed out on me, after I invited the other Seth last night. Maybe I'll try to hit the Reagan on the way back from the book signing. And maybe I'll go by myself. We'll just have to see.

Right now? It's dinner time!

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