Friday, April 01, 2011

The Rest of Last Weekend

So, I talked about St. Pat's Hat, but I didn't really get into what else I did last weekend.

Friday night, I went to the play they were putting on here at work.  I'd never seen Over the River and Through the Woods, and I enjoyed it.  I thought the cast did a good job, especially since 2/3 of them were playing grandparents.  The first act was histerically funny, and I couldn't stop laughing.

Things got more serious in the second act, and I left barely holding back the tears.  In fact, it was half way home before I was beginning to feel remotely normal again.  And considering the mood I've been in all week, it didn't help.  The show seemed to present an either/or picture of extended family or job, and I felt like it was a false delima.  Or maybe I'm just trying to justify how I live.  The bittersweetness of the second act makes it likely that I won't see this play again, or I'll just leave at intermission.

And, as I've mentioned, choir sang in church on Sunday.  This was the first time they've sung since I joined.  It went...okay.  My voice wasn't in great shape for the first service.  It was better second and pretty good the third.  I think I wore it out playing ultimate Frisbee on Saturday.  I did pretty well with one of the songs we were singing, but I struggled with the other one.  I just couldn't seem to remember what the notes for the bass part were.  Fortunately, I seemed to cover it pretty well since the only feedback I've gotten, even from my fellow basses and our director, has been positive.

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