Saturday, April 02, 2011

Weekly TV Recap for April 2nd

No Ordinary Family - So I was wrong, this wasn't the final episode but the penultimate episode. It set some things up for the finale and was fun to watch, but I knew how the whole vision of the future thing would turn out. I mean, those never happen according to what we see.

The Amazing Race - My family doesn't like Luke because she's such a wimp, but I'm kind of sorry to see him go. Only kind of, however, because his crying can get to me. There are others I want gone first. As much as I like the Cowboys, I was glad to see Mallory and her dad get first, however. They deserve it at least one leg.

Castle - How much fun was that? Okay, so I saw where the story was going early, but the journey to get there was so much fun. Lots of great quotes and a laugh or two. Plus the way Castle tricked Beckett at the end. Great episode.

Dancing with the Stars - I think the first few to go are becoming fairly obvious as well as those who will be around most if not all season. I wouldn't mind a man winning this time. I was sorry to see Lacey be the first to go, although with her partner it wasn't that surprising. He wasn't a great dancer and I think he was the least well know, so he had the smallest fan base to draw votes from. We're off on another great season.

Survivor - Finally, the one tribe made a smart move. And Phillip is driving me freaking insane. The merge and someone getting back in the game will make this Wednesday interesting. I hope it's Matt. He deserves it.

Wipeout - My favorite contestant of the night was the one who was imitating Jill. She was just too funny. Other then that, I was rooting for the winner all along. He just seemed so nice. I figured he had a good shot when it came to be him and two women at the end, although that last one gave him a good run for the money. Oh yeah, and those stairs at the beginning? Pure evil!

The Big Bang Theory - Wow, how I had missed this show. But this episode was well worth waiting for. The first half had me in stitches as we watched Sheldon over react to things and everyone else join in. If there's a better sitcom on TV right now, I'd sure like to know what it is.

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