Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer League Game 4

Last night was my teams 4th game. It was our turn to play down at the park in Venice. Actually, I'm kinda glad to get it out of the way this early in the season since it's a bad park. Part of one end zone always winds up in a baseball infield. There are really only lights on one half of the field. The neighborhood isn't the best, but that doesn't bother me as much. Must be the oblivious to my surroundings thing.

This week we were playing Purple People Eaters.

We started out by getting three points in a row. Then we traded points to get the score to 4-2. We were on defense and had just gotten a turn over when...

The lights went out.

Now keep in mind it was about 8:50 and the lights were supposed to stay on until after 10. So our captain went to talk to them. They forgot we were supposed to be there, so they turned the lights on and agreed to leave them on until 10:30.

And we waited. It was 15 minutes before the lights came back on.

Once they did, we continued the point. Honestly, I don't remember how the score volley at this point; I just remember that the half ended with them up 8-7.

After a short half time, we went back on the field and pulled ahead, scoring several in a row. And we never gave up the lead again. It was 13-10 at one point. I went in, so we lost that point and it was 13-11.

They had just kicked off again, when the lights went out a second time. It was only 10:15. Since it took 15 minutes last time, we figured there was no point in arguing about it this time and just called the game. Yep, we won again.

I was mostly happy with my performance last night, too. We only had six guys show up, which meant I got plenty of play time. Honestly, I was disappointed when the lights went out. I was ready for more.

One of the guys on the other team is about my speed, so I was able to shut him down for the most part when I was guarding him on defense.

Yet I got open several times for completed plays.

Then there was the last time I was in. The guy guarding me was poaching behind me a little, and our handlers were breaking the mark quite easily. I got open a couple times on the break mark side and got the disc. The last time, I thought I saw an open player and threw it to her. As soon as I let go, I knew I shouldn't have done it. Sure enough, the other team actually got the disc. I am not a give and go thrower. I have never been. I need a couple seconds to truly asses the field and a good open thrower. When will I learn not to rush things?

I really wanted to go in for one more point. Even if I didn't touch the disc, I wouldn't have been left with that as my final moment in the game. Yep, I have a feeling I will be obsessing over that until I get to play again. Definitely going to have to go down and play on Saturday. Hoping to make it before then, however.

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