Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer League Game 3

So, my last game was Wednesday and tonight I have another game. Books just took over last week, but they are gone for the time being.

Let's talk game three, shall we?

Frankly, the highlight of the game for me personally came the first point I played. I got a D! The thrower threw the disc right by the guy I was guarding, so it was easy for me to swat it down. Since I hardly ever get a good defense play, I was thrilled. That is, until we turned it over a minute later and my guy got away from me to score. :(

On offense, they threw it to me a couple of times, but it either was intercepted or it went behind me. So it wasn't the best game for me personally.

However, it was an awesome game.

We started out three points behind, and never caught up in the first half. The score at that point was 5-8. I must admit, I had written the game off at that point.

The first point of the second half was long and hard fought with it going back and forth and back and forth multiple times before we finally scored.

From there, I must admit I lost track of the score. I figured we were still behind, when suddenly both sides were saying it was tied 11-11. Never one to argue when both teams agree on the score, I started paying more attention.

We scored the next two points, meaing we just needed two more to win.

Naturally, we let them score the next two points, making it 13-13, game to 15 or win by two.

I guess that the scare we needed. We scored the next two in a row to win 15-13.

Overall record so far, 2-1.

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