Wednesday, October 13, 2004

How is it some weeks escape me?

It's Wednesday night already. That's mostly a good thing, but I have so much to do still. Maybe I should stop procrastinating.

Still need to select songs for tomorrow night and create powerpoint slides.

Still have 4.5 chapters to finish for my mid-term next week.

And I have a youth group activity this weekend.

So what have I been doing? Not too much.

Donald and Heather were down for a visit this weekend. I spent much of the weekend hanging out with them, which was lots of fun. Saturday night Donald's sister and brother-in-law hosted a party for them, and we played a game called "Hear Me Out." Lots of fun even if I didn't win. :( Sunday I took them to lunch (I think I probably still owe them a meal) and Donald tried to change my shower head. Then we went to Borders were I talked him into buying You've Got Murder.

And speaking of Donna Andrews, I'm rereading Murder with Peacocks even though I should be focusing on my class right now. Bad, Mark! Bad!

Didn't have worship team practice because Scott will be out of town tomorrow night and Jared was sick. Which is why tonight before the Matts show up I'll be figuring out what songs we're doing tomorrow night.

Because I stayed up way too late over the weekend, my cough was worse on Monday, but it seems to be getting better again. Maybe I should try getting a decent amount of sleep until all this is over.

Saturday night we had a very full house. Tom had a friend visiting for a week (left last night) plus a friend of Benjamin and Drew's spent the night. I was glad Donald and Heather came over Sunday so I could prove that I had friends. :)

Think that's the big news around here. And if I post this right now, I can leave for dinner!

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