Monday, October 04, 2004

A Class Free Week

This is Outreach Week for the college. Classes are canceled Wednesday through Friday for the students to be able to go on short missions trips to the churches in Southern CA. They do things like hold kid's clubs and work projects around the church.

On top of this, my professor is out of the country for the board meeting of an organization. So between the two, I don't have class at all this week.

And it might be a good thing. I think I'm getting sick again. Or I should say am sick again. I think I've been running a fever all day, but I've been pretending that's not the case. We'll see when I take my tempurature once I get home. Either way, I'm not playing ultimate tonight. :( Woke up feeling losy and it hasn't gotten better yet. What I need the most is rest.

Even if I am sick, I will be leaving my condo long enough to pick up Aladdin! I am so excited about getting this on DVD! Almost as excited as I was to get it on VHS 11 years ago. I've been wanting to watch it recently, but been waiting for the DVD, which probably helps.

Backing up, things went well leading worship Thursday night. Micah played the songs very well. Trevor struggled, but I really couldn't tell, and I was sitting next to him. It was great to have Jared and Scott back at practice last night, and I'm sure they'll go fine on Thursday.

Saturday morning was the Walk for Life. And thanks to my three wonderful sponsors. It's just a two mile course, but it was fun. Talked to Pastor Jon most of the time, which was nice. We had 4 kids and 5 staff, so it could have been better attended, but our rather last minute planning and the senior high retreat probably didn't help.

Other then that, I did very little this week outside of watch movies and read. I got almost half of Verse of the Vampyre read. Slower start then the first book of the series had, but it builds quickly and I stayed up way too late last night (okay, midnight), trying to read just a little bit more. Read again at lunch, and I can't wait to get home and read the last 50 pages. There's going to be a lot that happens to resolve everything, I can tell.

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