Thursday, July 31, 2003

Well, look who's finally here with this week's Thursday Threesome! Got tied up working (gasp!) with Phil on an account that was way out of balance. Anyway, the proceedings this week are brought to us by an artic chill and The Back Porch.

Onesome: Three- Lucky happenings are supposed to come in threes... What else comes in triplets and trios in your experience?
According to Trixie, bad things happen in threes. :) Can’t think of anything in my life really.

Twosome: Dog- Dogs and cats... Got a preference? ...and how about pedigree vs pound puppies/kittens? What do you think?
I prefer cats over dogs, mainly because cats aren’t always jumping on you when you are just trying to stand or walk. Most cats anyway. But with my allergies, I can’t have either.

Threesome: Night- Hey, do you ever do a Sports Night and head out to watch a local team/event? What draws you out? Is it baseball, football, hockey, racing, lacrosse?
The last professional sports game I went to was an A’s game in high school. I could get excited about seeing a professional ultimate frisbee game, however.

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