Monday, October 14, 2002

Yes, it's me. Don't faint, I'm actually blogging today. :)

This weekend was as wild as I thought it would be. Donald's girlfriend had a major project due today, so he didn't spend as much time with her as he might have otherwise. In stead, I got to spend time with him. And beat him at America Monopoly. Saw Jonah a second time. Enjoyed it again.

In the midst of playing host, I had Jeremiah over to watch the pilot of Enterprise and Jeff over to watch last week's Alias. Heck, I needed to have Josh over so I could have had all three of my former roommates (or is that ex's) over during the weekend. Actually, I just need to return his call.

Marcus was back in Riverside this weekend, so it could have been crazier. :) Got back about 15 minutes after we'd turned out the lights last night.

Frankly, I'm surprised I'm as awake as I am right now. Donald and I were talking until 2AM Saturday morning, 1AM yesterday morning, and midnight this morning. Meanwhile, I was getting up for church yesterday, and Marcus had to get up at 6 this morning. I never did get back to sleep after his alarm went off. Almost did, at 7:30. :)

Other comments? Haven't posted on Amazing Race, and finally got to see Survivor over the weekend. (Actually, I'm all caught up on my Tv watching, except for one hour from yesterday. Feels nice.)
AR - they need to get rid of some of those young male/female teams. I can't really keep them all straight. In previous seasons, they've done a much better job of having a variety of teams compete, which makes it easier on the viewer. And I guess I'm the only one rooting for the twins. I like them. And the fact that everyone else wants to see them illiminated just makes me root for them harder.
Survivor - I'm so glad that Ghandia is gone. She was horrid to Ted (not that he was innocent, but she made it a dividing issue) and was the reason there was so much tension in that tribe. Now, if we can get the other team to vote out Stephanie....
Alias - Wow, Jack's back in the I can't trust him catagory. Which doesn't surprise me. We've been trusting him too much recently. And how about that cliffhanger! Nice to be back to a Syd in trouble cliffhanger. Can't wait to watch again with Jeff, whenever that turns out to be.
Angel - I'm actually starting to really like this show this season. Still, if push comes to shove, it's Alias all the way.

And maybe I'll close out with Chris' Sunday Op-Ed The Late Edition.

1. Smile
What should be your umbrella? (Misspelled, right?) Of course, if a smile is your umbrella, all it would do is catch the rain. It's upside down to do you any good. :) (Donald, I'm blaiming this answer completely on you.)

2. Sing
What do I love to do? I may not have the best voice you've ever heard, but I don't let that stop me at all!

3. Potatoes
What do I like except in salad? I've just never been a Potatoe salad fan. And probably my favorite way to eat them is bake and then refrigerated.

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