Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Last week, I promised to blog about my favorite Christmas CD's, then just gave a link. Since that's not quite fair, thought maybe I should follow through. So here, in no particular order, are my top 10 Christmas CD's.

1) Johnny Mathis - Merry Christmas You'll get very tired of me saying it's because I grew up listening to it, but that's the case with quite a few of these. This is the first example. I've listened to his others Christmas projects, and I just don't enjoy them the way I do this one. But it only takes the first few messures to get me completely under it's spell and in the Christmas spirit. And when I want to pop in a Christmas CD during non-Christmas time (like last week) I often reach for this one.

2) Nat King Cole - The Christmas Song Nobody sings it like he does. And it has a few not as familiar songs on it as well. Just don't be fool, the version with his daughter isn't nearly as good.

3) Amy Grant - A Christmas Album and Home for Christmas No I'm not cheating. If it works for Susansuth, it works for me. :) These are classics, introducing us to Tennessee Christmas; Emmanuel; Love Has Come; Breathe of Heaven; and Emmanuel, God With Us, amoung others. I'll pull these out year round if in the Christmas mood. (And it was someone like me who came up with Christmas in July.)

4) Michael W. Smith - Christmas Completely out of character with what he was doing at the time, the choral/orchestral CD is wonderful. And you have to love "Gloria."

5) Evie - Christmas Memories It's not Christmas until you've heard Come on, Right Those Bells. As sung by Evie, or course. You just can't escape it. I prefer the stuff from her first record over the second on here, and wish they'd included all of the first. But it's still a frequent resident in my CD player during December. A Thousand Candles is also a classic.

6) Sandi Patty - The Gift Goes On Title song's great. Really, the entire CD is. I prefer the version of O Holy Night she does here to her others. And you can't miss Bethlehem Morning.

7) 4 Him - Season of Love Great harmonies and fun arrangements. Especially of White Christmas and God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen. And Strange Way to Save the World is a personal favorite.

8) This Hope - Acappella Christmas Little known Christian group, the members are grads of Master's music department. I'm not a big fan, but this is fast becoming a December must. Can't get enough of their tight harmonies.

9) Twila Paris - It's the Thought This one is unfortunately out of print. But it's wonderfully Christmasy with some good new songs and little recorded classics.

10) Gary Chapman - This Gift Wonderful orchestration, although a fav is the acappella Hark! And yes, this was the inspiration for my first Christmas GWP over at Zap's.

11) Steven Curtis Chapman - The Music of Christmas Didn't disappoint in the least. Everything he does is good, and his unique look at classic songs and the classic story are wonderful.

12) Point of Grace - A Christmas Story Got to include this one, too. Especially love their arrangement of Holy Night.

O, you actually expected me to hit 10 right on? Don't know me too well, do you. And yes, I listen to lots of Christian music, even around the holidays, why do you ask? :)

Now Susansuth and I are having a discussion. She's never heard Johnny, I've never really listened to Bing (I know, I know) or Vince Guardelli's Charlie Brown Christmas album (and I call myself a Peanuts fan). I told her I'd get those two this year if she'd get Johnny. But she's resisting. Seems she doesn't want to just because everyone else likes it. But, the question is, can you really celebrate Christmas without Johnny? (No, I will not accept the arguement when it comes to Bing.) So, everyone, let's put the pressure on and get her to buy one of MY favorite Christmas CD's. (Yep, still all about me. :) )