Wednesday, October 23, 2002

Sorry, Val, but the Angels seem to be winning the series right now. And last night's game wasn't even close. The Angels are ahead by number of games and number of runs. (Yes, I know I've just jinxed them to loose tonight, but I don't care.)

Actually, it's kinda funny. I should be rooting for a team, but I can't seem to get super enthused about doing so. See, I grew up an hour north of the Giants, now I live an hour north of the Angels. The only pull I've really been having excerted on me is to root for the Giants, but I'm rebeling and rooting for the Angels. Of course, it helps that they are (or were) owned by Disney. :) Must have my priorities straight.

Hank told me that the compressor on my AC is shot. Kinda what I expected to hear. So now I need to call Honda and see what they'll do for me. He did indicate it might be a result of bad work when fixing the condenser after my accident, but we'll just have to see.

Seth and Kiersten showed me some pictures of the seminary they're hoping to go to in the spring. I can see why they liked the campus. It's beautiful. This obviously seems to be the direction their life is going. I'm sorry to see them go, however.

And I must comment on Buffy last night. WOW! Powerful episode wonderfully acted. And they had some great continuity with the reference to killing Angel in season 2 and a scene added to the musical from last season. That was a surprise. The last 10 minutes were incredible. I can't wait to see where they're going to take Anya from here. But I'll have to wait a week since next week is a rerun. What's up with no Halloween episode this year? I believe it's a first.

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