Saturday, May 01, 2010

Weekly TV Recap - May 1st

I'm going to start doing a weekly TV recap.  I occasionally talk about TV shows on my blog, but this will give me an outlet to do it more regularly.  It will also allow you to mock me for how much TV I watch.

I am going to assume you have watched any of these shows you are interested in, so I am not going to worry about SPOILERS!  Also, my ramblings might not make sense to you if you haven't seen the show before.  But if you do like the show, feel free to jump in and let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Amazing Race - I must admit that I usually only half watch this show while working on other things. This week, I didn't really catch much of the noodle challenge, but I know I would have found it frustrating. I found it funny that, for the model challenge, the cops and Dan and Jordan each had a piece the other one needed. The idea of having two road blocks took me by surprise, but I loved the fact that the other partner had to do it - very nice twist. And I felt so sorry for Brent and Cord when the wind blew their puzzle pieces all over the place. However, the cowboys once again proved why I love them. Cord just got back to work while Brent started yelling. I was hoping that the detectives would finally be out. I can't stand them. Instead, they got the last non-elimination leg. Darn!

Chuck - This is my favorite shows on the air at the moment. Expect lots of gushing when I talk about it. And tonight was no exception. We've had three weeks off, and this one was worth waiting for. While it had its serious moments, the action scenes were so funny, especially the fight scenes with the handcuffs. And Morgan provided some great comic relief as well. But the General got the best line of the night. "Off the record, it's about d*** time." Yes, I saw it coming, but I loved it. I'm worried about Ellie and Awesome. I hope they find some way to keep them around because I love them. (If they have to get rid of someone, Jeff and Lester come to mind. Their characters are a bit tired these days.)

24 - It's that point in the season where Jack has to be completely on his own trying to uncover something to save the day. I like how they are playing things out, but I do wish they hadn't turned the president bad. It makes for better television, but I loved her character so much.

Dancing with the Stars - I can't believe how many 7's Len gave out. Or how many couples were tied at the bottom with 21 after the individual dances. And it always amazes me when a dance I think is poor and one I think is great get the same scores. I was sorry to see Jake and Chelsea go home Tuesday night. He was so much fun to watch since he was obviously having so much fun on the show each week.

V - Every week, this show draws me in more and more. The stakes seem to grow for every storyline every week. I loved the scene at the farmhouse with the V soldier, although with it being dark it was a little hard to follow the action. The twist with the V girl not wanting Tyler to live aboard the ship really surprised me. But I think the reporter is on to our heroes and will be a real thorn in their side.

In Plain Sight - You'll find as the weeks go on that I am a bit of a USA Network addict (which makes me worry about the report that they've got 7 new shows in development). Having said that, this was the weakest episode of season 3 so far. Thanks to the teaser at the beginning, it was fairly predictable. And, while it was fun to see 24's Edgar again, he really made his characters slimy, which made those scenes uncomfortable.

FlashForward - I've got to admit, I can't always keep the various stories in this show straight, but I do enjoy this mind bending ride. This week focused on Janice. I was glad they threw in another twist on her character. I just wonder how it is all going to play out. And considering we now know two of our "good guys" who want Mark dead, I'm wondering how that will play out as well. I only wish I were confident we were going to get a second season of the show to truly get some answers.

Survivor - Why is it whenever someone is trying to switch, they go running their mouths off at tribal counsel? And the scrambling after the last challenge had to set a record for the number of switches. The way everyone on both sides is scheming just amazes me. It has built into the best season in a long time. Unfortunately, all the scrambling did was make Russell waste his idol. I really want the Heroes to pull it off somehow, but I sure don't see how now.

The Mentalist - Okay, I've got to admit, I was surfing the net while watching the first half. I thought I was following the story, but when I put my computer down I realized how little I actually understood. Oh well, I did like what I saw. I enjoy Jane when he's a little more laid back. Malcolm McDowell was fun in his guest starring role as the cult leader, too.

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