Monday, September 12, 2005

Running Like Crazy

Before I get to my weekend, there's one thing I forgot to brag about last week. Blog, I mean blog about!

Monday night, I popped over to Lee's blog to find this as the top post. You had better believe it made my day!

Casey was gone this weekend for his grandparent's 50th anniversary party. That means lots of time to hang out and enjoy having the condo to myself (a very rare occurance since I moved in two years ago), right? Wrong!

Friday night was career Bible study. Very good study on Ecc. 9. Of course I was late for it. I got started writing the story of Brian and my fight over Honey and didn't want to stop. It's with editors now, so watch a message board near you (especially if it's Jix) for details on getting your pass to the event.

Saturday started out early. We'd decided it was the best day for my family to talk, so we talked before I left for the Dodger game.

Yes. You read that right. After ten years in Southern CA, I've finally been to Dodger Statium. Everyone acted like it was some special place. Not really. Especially since I'm not a sports fan. We had nose bleed seats, but it was fun because I got to spend time hanging out with the other staff whlie watching the kids.

Another great aspect of that was who I drove. Two girls. It was nice to have jr. high passengers who weren't out to drive me crazy and get into trouble.

Got back in time to pick up Matt and head to the game night. There turned out to be four of us, so Konrad and Carol taught us Rook, a game that only works with four. I hate the idea of bidding, but Carol and I managed to win anyway. It was a very close game, however.

Sunday was up for church, although not early enough to be on time. Next week, I need to go to bed when I get home from game night instead of getting on the internet. Anyway, it was very good. Nick is an absolutely wonderful teacher in jr. high. And pastor's message on a Christian's response to national tragedy was also great. Motivated me to get more involved in the fundraising at Jix, which has led to some of the auction items I have up right now.

The afternoon was lazy, although I spent most of it here in front of my computer. Did go back for a parent's meeting, but didn't learn too much. Of course, as staff, I didn't really expect to.

Casey was home when I got back. Sounded like his weekend was just as busy but equally good. At one point I unloaded on him things going on in my life. Ministry, whether I want to have kids or even get married, emotions. You know, the stuff guys don't normally talk about. But it was only for five minutes or so, so that hardly counts, right?

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